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Join us in one of the biggest airsoft events across Europe “WAR 12” 

3000 + players from Russia and overseas

The game is held a military tank training site. At this location, there will be lots of different military vehicles and armour which will actually participate in the game. Expect to see tanks, APCs, military trucks, rocket launching systems, and vehicles moving on field while combining with artillery shooting blanks giving an extremely immersive experience. There will be military personnel with real small arms participating along with airsofters, shooting blanks while moving across fields provides constant realism! In addition, depending on weather conditions, there will be airforce – tandem paragliders, with one pilot and one shooter, actually shooting and bombing from the sky.

Game schedule – 24 hrs non stop. The only chance to rest is at the respawn point.


Playing this game is not just roaming around. Each side has a command center, and each side will be split into squads, platoons and companies. Also there are missions for small recon teams.

Join us on possibly most immersive and largest scale airsoft event on Earth!

For Foreign guests:
If you are interested in joining, you will find all necessary information on this website.

Rules, scenarios, etc.
Just choose your language in the upper right corner.
Please, be advised that some parts are machine translated, so if you have any questions, please contact this person on FB https://www.facebook.com/keira.silver
The game field is located in an area 2-3 hrs drive from any of Moscow’s airports.
You should arrive at the game site at Мау  26 Saturday. 

In case you arrive earlier feel free to stay in one of Moscow’s many hotels or hostels.
You will need your own camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags, etc., to stay at the game field.
There are 2 ways to get food on game field.
Free meal 24 hrs, included to ticket
Different snacks and meals upon cash payments.

To enter Russia with your airsoft guns, you will possibly need an invitation letter from the organization team.

Please contact us via e-mail, to request one Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.

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Расписание игр на 2021 год

15-16 мая - Сутки на броне XVII
5 июня – Черная зависть
3-4 июля – Армада 21
15-18 июля - Ролевая игра Fallout2021
31июля-01 августа - Сутки на воде (Кронштадт)
21 августа – Прима Виктория
11-12 сентября - СНБ осень 2021
* 8-10 октября – Гудермес РУС
16 октября – Картели
* 30 октября – Закрытие Заря Алабино
* 6 ноября - Инфекция 2021
20 ноября – Мародер 2021
18 декабря – Зима на станции Лозовая


* - игры, посещение которых не влияют на нахождение команды в списке лояльности.
** - двойная игра с ограниченным количеством людей.

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